Introducing Unparalleled Professional Video: the ARRI Alexa

This year, Scenic upped the ante for in-house holiday presents. We gave ourselves our ultimate dream camera for professional video: the ARRI Alexa.

In the modern world of digital filmmaking, the industry’s new standard for high-end video is staggering. More than just an acceptable complement to yesterday’s film technology, this camera is a giant leap into a new frontier of

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Top 3 Trends to Boost Your Video Content in 2017

I create video for a living. And man-oh-man, is it hard to keep up with trends. Technology is moving like lighting, and I’m more a slow-drizzle, look-at-my-reflection-in-the-puddles kinda gal.

Still photography and behind the scenes as part of video content strategy; video
Not me. – Meg, our model on a recent shoot

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Everything Old is New Again: Nostalgia Marketing

Mom jeans are back!

nostalgia marketing and mom jeans
Tina Fey with SNL having a bit of fun w/ mom jeans throwback


Just when you think everything has been done, it comes full circle. The world is capitalizing on nostalgia marketing to draw in a new (and old) audience.


mom jeans are back nostalgia marketing
1980’s LEVI’S Ultra High Waist Mom Jeans on Etsy


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5 Paths to Authentic Storytelling

Be authentic. It’s easy to say but hard to do.

Problem: Brands today face a major “authenticity deficit” where only 1 in 5 consumers say that brands and companies are open and honest, according to a report by Cohn & Wolfe.

Here are five ways that you can use authentic storytelling to not only reach audiences, but

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How to Build Authenticity for Your Brand through Employee Advocacy


Picture of brookdale associates featured in national ad campaign utilizing employee advocacy
Brookdale Associates, courtesy Brookdale

Today’s consumer doesn’t want to be sold to. Period. So how do you reach them? One of the most powerful ways is an employee advocacy video, or a modern take on the tried-and-true testimonial.


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5 Olympic Campaigns that Prove All is Right with the World

Aspirational marketing is a breath of fresh air.  In this time of global unrest and social and political strife (<– understatement of the 21st century), we all need a little escape. Ok… a big escape. To a tropical location. Complete with bikinis and umbrella drinks…. Like, perhaps Rio?

Even Jesus is Excited

Capturing Aspirational Content

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How (and Why) to Harness Empathy in Storytelling

A Case Study

As advertisers, marketers and communicators, our job is to make content that engages and inspires our audience to take action. For that to happen, it’s not enough to reason with them with facts and figures. You have to move them in some way. For instance, with a story of the Army Sgt. who was awarded this Purple … Read more

3 Ways Brands Can Learn Storytelling from Cartoons

It was our first appointment viewing. Our first open-mouthed, awe-inspired, aspirational experiences with storytelling: cartoons. You might think what Wile E. Coyote and SpongeBob can teach us is well, elementary, but you would be wrong. Whether it’s a factual story, a fictional one, or a promotional story like advertising or marketing, we can all learn from storytelling tools to be … Read more