Video costs WHAT?! The Truth about Value and ROI

corporate video production costs
The “Shock and Awe” of getting a video quote. Photo Courtesy: Ben White

Never fails. A client new to video excitedly calls to request a quote for their video project. Delivery of said quote results in radio silence.  Why? Because they are experiencing a severe case of sticker shock. It’s one that plunges them from the highs of creative excitement … Read more

How to Transfer the Magic of Content Marketing to Innovate on TV

TV is Back! Content Helps TV Rebound


There’s a soon-to-emerge trend on television these days that’ll blow your mind: watching commercials. That’s right. I said it… Not DVRing, where we’ve all developed Olympic-level skills in ad-skipping. Brands are catching on that consumers want to be entertained, informed, and educated, but not sold to, which is already standard practice online. While

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How To Tell Emotional Brand Stories That Pull At Your Heart And Wallet

Emotional brand storytelling pulls on heartstringsWe all have a heart. Even the Tinman in The Wizard of Oz discovered he has a heart. Emotional brand stories leverage personal experiences, everyday challenges, and yes, even animals (you knew there was a reason for all of those puppy videos), to compel their audience to take action. Today, we’ll share seven brand video examples.… Read more

Introducing Unparalleled Professional Video: the ARRI Alexa

This year, Scenic upped the ante for in-house holiday presents. We gave ourselves our ultimate dream camera for professional video: the ARRI Alexa.

In the modern world of digital filmmaking, the industry’s new standard for high-end video is staggering. More than just an acceptable complement to yesterday’s film technology, this camera is a giant leap into a new frontier of

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Top 3 Trends to Boost Your Video Content in 2017

I create video for a living. And man-oh-man, is it hard to keep up with trends. Technology is moving like lighting, and I’m more a slow-drizzle, look-at-my-reflection-in-the-puddles kinda gal.

Still photography and behind the scenes as part of video content strategy; video
Not me. – Meg, our model on a recent shoot

If you’re like me and need to pick up the pace from a mosey to a mad dash, this blog will … Read more

Everything Old is New Again: Nostalgia Marketing

Mom jeans are back!

nostalgia marketing and mom jeans
Tina Fey with SNL having a bit of fun w/ mom jeans throwback


Just when you think everything has been done, it comes full circle. The world is capitalizing on nostalgia marketing to draw in a new (and old) audience.


mom jeans are back nostalgia marketing
1980’s LEVI’S Ultra High Waist Mom Jeans on Etsy


From constant sequels in … Read more

5 Paths to Authentic Storytelling

Be authentic. It’s easy to say but hard to do.

Problem: Brands today face a major “authenticity deficit” where only 1 in 5 consumers say that brands and companies are open and honest, according to a report by Cohn & Wolfe.

Here are five ways that you can use authentic storytelling to not only reach audiences, but

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