Post Production

The Art of Post Production

Post production is a critical component of every video production.  Any truly great video starts with a compelling story.  

Your video moves closer to greatness with creative cinematography and high-polish production quality, not only reaching your target audience but also drawing them in and creating an emotional bond with that person. 

Your video production, however, can’t reach its full potential without skilled post production performed by experts in the industry. 

Small details and nuances, often missed by the untrained eye, are turned from ordinary to extraordinary by the post production team at Scenic Road.  


What is Post Production?

Post production is one of the final steps of a video production.  Post production is completed after you’ve filmed your all of your video production content.

There are a variety of processes under this post production umbrella including:

  • Editing, or dropping the video and audio snippets into a visual timeline on software like Adobe Premiere.
  • Voiceover, or recording a talent reading a script.
  • Sound design, which can include sound effects and music.
  • Adding visual effects like onscreen text, graphics, or animation which are layered in. This also applies to VR and 360 Video.
  • Color correction, which improves the image by tweaking color, contrast, detail, and other attributes.

How to Get Started with Post Production

Scenic Road excels in all aspects of post production.

For many, editing can be functional, but here, it is elevated to an art.

Here’s a snippet from a recent brand film that helps propel the story to its climax.

Likewise, sound design and music selection can make or break a piece.

You must find the right tone and pace without being cliché or predictable. 

Scenic Road’s team are experts at finding just the right music in our library during post production to match the storyline. 

Color correction is the canvas for your video.

Our color correction post production specialists can take a standard image and make it stellar.

The truth is there are innumerable editors out there. What sets us apart is our combined talents through the entire post production process. It’s not enough to have a good story. You need someone who can shape it into an art form.

Whether you need us to film or you have already captured your content, our team of editors, animators, and graphic designers are ready to take on your postproduction project to the next level.

Contact the team at Scenic Road today to find out more about our award-winning post-production services today! 

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