Storytelling Video vs. Traditional Video Marketing: What are the Differences?


Video advertising works, and that’s a fact. According to HubSpot’s ultimate list of marketing statistics, more than half of marketing professionals consider video content to have the best ROI.  It’s no surprise that companies are allocating huge chunks of their budget to video marketing.

However, consumer behavior has greatly changed over the past two decades. Your customers no longer

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Advertising in the Age of Coronavirus Confusion


How on God’s Green Earth Do You Advertise In the Middle of a Crisis?

(Is the short answer, you don’t?)


With Coronavirus cases skyrocketing, and workplace closures following suit, most humans are ducking and covering (and rightly so). But if business is to continue at some near date in the future, how do we prepare now?  And to … Read more

Reputation Management: Why Your Company Should Stop Pretending to Be Perfect

The perfectionist mentality is ingrained in the contemporary world. From people’s picture-perfect lives as portrayed on social media, to most corporate news releases, we are inclined to tell the world that everything is hunky-dory all the time. (See your PTA moms’ feed for further proof.)

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Social Storytelling: How to Tell Your Brand Stories on Social Media

businesswoman laughing about brand storytelling on her computer


When storytelling is done right, it has the power to bring a brand to life, give it a personality people can relate to, and evoke the right emotional response. Storytelling is how marketers are forging personal connections with customers and building lasting relationships.

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The Ultimate Video Marketing Playbook


There are so many reasons why video marketing should be on every marketer’s to-do list. To begin with, a 2017 HubSpot Research report reveals that 54% of respondents want to see more video content coming from the businesses and brands they support.

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Video Helps You Get Found Online


Video and SEO

Over the past few years, we’ve grown to understand better why video content is so much more effective than other forms of content, but while marketers regularly weigh SEO to drive research and reach for content marketing, optimizing video often gets overlooked.

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The ABCs of Production: The Video Vocabulary of the Professionals

Video Definitions: Fade, Pans, Lav, Slate, Sync… what?

The video vocabulary or glossary of words involved in video production is odyssey-like. Take charge of your video jargon with our handy “ABCs of Video” dictionary.


  • The aspect ratio is the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image. The most common aspect ratios are 4:3, 16:9 and 1:85:1.
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