Interactive Storytelling is the Next Big Thing. Here’s How to Not Get Left Behind.

Brands can no longer take a “wait and see” approach to a rapidly changing digital marketing space. If you followed the advice of our previous article on upcoming video marketing trends, you should already have a game plan in place for harnessing the power of video in your marketing efforts.


But what if your brand isn’t ready to … Read more

How to Elevate Your Brand with the Art of Visual Storytelling

You are what you see. Humans are visual creatures. As much as we hold up the invention of language as the main thing separating us from wild animals, our brains are better suited to process and recall visual stimuli than most other sensory input.

This is the reason advertising exists in the first place – brands discovered they could establish … Read more

Video costs WHAT?! The Truth about Value and ROI

Never fails. A client new to video excitedly calls to request a quote for their video project. Delivery of said quote results in radio silence.  Why? Because they are experiencing a severe case of sticker shock. It’s one that plunges them from the highs of creative excitement to the depths of empty-pocketed despair.  People want video. They understand the needRead more

How to Transfer the Magic of Content Marketing to Innovate on TV

TV is Back! Content Helps TV Rebound

There’s a soon-to-emerge trend on television these days that’ll blow your mind: watching commercials. That’s right. I said it… Not DVRing, where we’ve all developed Olympic-level skills in ad-skipping. Brands are catching on that consumers want to be entertained, informed, and educated, but not sold to, which is already standard practice online. While … Read more

3 Brands Taking a Stand (and Why You Should Care)

From racism to immigration, more brands are taking a strong stance on social issues. For those who haven’t put a name to it yet, social advocacy is when a brand decides to address a social issue and use its voice to raise awareness and advocate for change. This blog will showcase three brands running in the minefield, and share the Read more

Top 3 Trends to Boost Your Video Content in 2017

I create video for a living. And man-oh-man, is it hard to keep up with trends. Technology is moving like lighting, and I’m more a slow-drizzle, look-at-my-reflection-in-the-puddles kinda gal.

If you’re like me and need to pick up the pace from a mosey to a mad dash, this blog will give a brief canvass of what’s hot on the horizon.… Read more

It’s Your Show: How to Use Branded Entertainment

It’s Your Show is the Missouri Division of Tourism’s new branded entertainment video content campaign that tells the authentic stories of various travelers. It’s a fun, immersive example of how brands can use authentic storytelling in branded entertainment.


It’s Your Show puts their product (tourism) in the back seat to story.

This is such an organic fit for the … Read more