Brand Films

What is a Brand Film?

At its simplest, a brand film is short-form video content that tells a story. Brand films (or branded films) can be documentary-style or scripted, but all focus on a lifestyle, vision, or mission, not a product.

Branded entertainment is the new way to draw in target audiences because it is customer-centric and content-driven. Today’s consumer is increasingly distracted and doesn’t want to be sold to; they want real, authentic connection.

Brand films convey the heart and soul of who your company is, as illustrated by those who you choose to profile or the other stories you decide to tell. By showcasing truly genuine, engaging content that demonstrates your business’ vision and mission, you’re able to create relatability and authenticity, a winning combination in the eyes of your audience.

What Makes a Brand Film so Effective?

YouTube has been steadily growing since 2019 and has now, only two years later, surpassed Netflix (Yes, Netflix!) in both viewership and revenue. This shows how people are flocking to short form content, even as they watch it streaming to their actual TV.

People naturally look for their “tribe” and these content pieces reinforce that your brand is part of that same tribe. Consumers want to follow brands that live the values that they hold dear.

Brand films organically illustrate these values, thereby aligning to that audience.

Are Brand Films the "Next Big Thing?"

As we see the shift from traditional marketing techniques to more automation, chatbots, and higher rates of customer dissatisfaction in advertising, brand identity is more critical now than ever.

When you’re able to combine your purpose with an aspirational theme, in an engaging and shareable format, you’re off to the races with top-tier brands.

Read more here on branded entertainment. Or, just reach out today to have us help with your next brand film.

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