It’s a question we always hear: How can we tell a client’s story in only a few minutes? Our answer: by using emotion to convey the essence of their brand. That was the case with Gillis, the non-profit that serves families in crisis. We worked with the agency, DMH, and Gillis to identify a single family whose personal story could speak on behalf of the entire organization. And we distilled that message into a short video that played at Gillis’ annual fundraising gala.

The first of half this story revolves around conflict, so we turned to our postproduction staff to interpret that that concept through creative editing.

“We’ve never had a video quite like this. It had a level of sophistication that resonated with our audience, and it translated into money that we raised at the Spirit Awards. In fact, we’re confident that that quality of the video had a direct correlation to the impressive amount that we raised. So was it successful for us? Absolutely.”

- Gillis