Instant Activism Micro Video

Instant Activism

Micro video can pack a storytelling punch. In this video series, we realized: We might think it, but do we voice it? Instant Activism seeks to inspire the political activist in all of us to drop our inhibitions and speak our mind on sensitive issues. It approached Scenic Road to develop a series of micro videos – in this case, six second videos designed to loop – that would challenge the social media public to voice opinions on hot button topics like marijuana legalization.

How to tell a story in only six seconds? That was the challenge, and we worked to solve it through concise visual storytelling, and to-the-point, on-screen text.

“Scenic Road’s Jolean Olson produced a unique series of creative, short videos on a dozen civil and political rights subjects, and with a limited budget. It exceeded our expectations and immediately established Instant Activism's brand across multiple platforms.”

– Founder, Instant Activism