Anthem Video


Over the years, Scenic has filmed hundreds of hours of video footage for various clients in agriculture. When NAMA, the National Agri-Marketing Association, approached us to produce its brand anthem video, we knew we could gain permission to use selections from that in-house library. But how could we make a veritable patchwork quilt of video appear as if we filmed it, with intention, for this specific project? The answer lies in the graphic treatment we developed to eliminate the “patches” from the quilt.

One word defines NAMA: Connector. And so, when building our graphic treatment, we used that word to define the visual storytelling theme that would “connect” shot to shot, and beginning to end.

“Our organization was in the midst of a rebranding. Scenic Road wrote and produced a beautiful piece of work that tells our story better than we could have hoped. This video will be the cornerstone for our future marketing efforts, and they made it easy. Completely turnkey.”

– Executive Director, NAMA