Merial Ulcergard


Scenic Road is no stranger to farms; the filming of crops and cattle is nearly a weekly ritual. But we hadn’t filmed horses until the agency, SHS, asked us to partner on this brand anthem video for the Merial pharmaceutical, Ulcergard. We bounced from farm to farm in Texas and Missouri and wrapped production hungry for the next opportunity to work with animals whose natural elegance translates to compelling filmmaking.

In piecing together the rough cut, we tasked our postproduction team with developing a style that would make this video memorable for viewers. They met that challenge by using sound effects and black and white imagery to build emotion.

"When we decided to do the Winning Anthem for our client, we briefly talked about bidding it out to a few production companies — just standard practice for a project of this size. In the end, we only sent it to Scenic. Scenic goes above and beyond for everything we've asked them to do. So while we'd never done a project of this scope with them (multiple locations and talent), we were more than confident that it would turn out great. And it did. Resonating with equestrians all across the country, we had more than 24,000 Facebook shares — before media support began. Even our client's competitors shared it. After just five months, the video anthem, combined with other media, contributed to 4 million total impressions and a National Agri-Marketing Assoc. award for our client."