The call from Merrigan and Co. was straightforward enough: Produce an emotional, compelling brand anthem video that will inspire a nation to donate to the VFW. The execution, however, wasn’t quite as simple. It didn’t take an “act of congress” to obtain the necessary permits to film on the National Mall, but congressional intervention was just one in a list of stories we collected en route to finishing this video. Ask us about it next time we chat.

Maintaining a sense of authenticity is always top of mind for us, which is why we chose not to work with professional talent. We loved the look of this particular veteran, and we worked with him during production in order to capture his experience at the Lincoln Memorial.

The VFW featured the “Three Letters” video in the email that launched its year-end campaign, and it generated 31% more revenue than the initial email of the previous year’s campaign. Further, when the VFW replaced the existing video in its Welcome Series with the “Three Letters” video, the click-through rate increased by 12%.