Vistive Gold

McCormick Company

High oleic soybean oil was foreign to us at the beginning of this project. But not anymore. It’s a new type of oil, made from soybeans, ideal for cooking, and its potential in the marketplace is limitless. Monsanto’s high-oleic beans are called Vistive Gold, and over the course of several months, Scenic traveled throughout the Midwest, interviewing Vistive farmers and capturing their experience with this exciting crop.

Our client needed a video that was strong on strategic messaging, and therefore, brevity wasn’t quite as important as with our broad-appeal, consumer-facing videos. But we still wanted the video to have a sense of momentum, despite its longer run time. So we turned to our postproduction team to infuse the video with a sense of “entertainment value” by way of multiple tracks of music, sound effects, and variations in transitions, among other methods.

“With so much ground to cover, so many locations to film, and so many farmers to interview (with different kinds of experiences), we wondered if the messaging would feel connected, and the end result feel cohesive. But it did, and we found ourselves with a powerful communication tool that lives as another example of why we work with Scenic Road.” - McCormick Company

- McCormick Company