“Wyoming” Tourism Marketing Video


The call came on a Friday afternoon: “Can you plan, produce, and deliver a pitch video for the Wyoming tourism account, and send it to us two weeks from today?” Never before had we faced such an incredible logistical challenge, which made the project all the more exciting. We hired a guide, flew to Wyoming, filmed for four days, and then began the process of editing. Only days later, with Devil’s Tower and Grand Teton still in the figurative rearview mirror, we presented our clients with a collection of on-camera moments that would bring their pitch to life every way that they had hoped.

Our clients had asked us to feature sound bites with real people—tourists whose infectious love of Wyoming would translate on screen. But how do you find those people without the benefit of a month-long, cross-country casting session? We came up with idea of casting actors, but with the following caveat: they needed to actually vacation in Wyoming, and they also needed to speak from the heart. So we cast them to play the role of themselves: a fly fishermen, a horseback rider and a hiker whose love for Wyoming is second to none.

“For our pitch to Wyoming Tourism, we knew our agency had a strong creative concept. What we needed was a powerful and compelling way to sell it. The presentation was two weeks away. Wyoming was 1,000 miles away! Bottom line, we needed a partner we could trust. Scenic Road put together a plan for a video to be shot in several Wyoming locations—many hundreds of miles apart, worked out the challenging logistics and timing (despite issues with lingering winter weather), found breathtaking locations, and—most critically for our purposes—found just the perfect testimonials. The finished product speaks for itself!“

- Bernstein-Rein