March 23, 2017

Introducing Unparalleled Professional Video: the ARRI Alexa


This year, Scenic upped the ante for in-house holiday presents. We gave ourselves our ultimate dream camera for professional video: the ARRI Alexa.

In the modern world of digital filmmaking, the industry’s new standard for high-end video is staggering. More than just an acceptable complement to yesterday’s film technology, this camera is a giant leap into a new frontier of video image quality.

Scenic has committed itself to telling arresting stories, and we’ve always used relevant tools to communicate our client’s messages. The camera doesn’t compose the shot or direct the action, but it speaks the language of Hollywood: visual sophistication. And when in the hands of a pro, the best camera can bring a story to life unlike any other tool on the belt.

arri alexa professional video camera

Cinematography is one of our strongest suits and now we’ve grown into a camera that lives up to its expectations. The best shots are nothing without visual crispness, flexible color, and most importantly, texture. Speaking of Star Wars, could we take Darth Vader seriously if we saw him through the lens of Marty’s camcorder in Back to the Future? Would we believe the DeLorian could fly if filmed on an iPhone? Would we even go to the movies at all?


The Alexa breathes sophistication and polish. By using it, we break through those barriers preventing our client’s voice from falling silent in a national dialogue. Like high fashion, the Alexa communicates intent and brings out emotion.


New video mediums and modes of video consumption are beaming into our lives all the time. There’s 360 video, Augmented Reality, Snapchat, and the list goes on and on. That means we’re constantly tasked with adapting video to the new digital marketing landscape. Great technology by nature isn’t future proof, but the ARRI Alexa’s platform allows us to film images that still look relevant and cutting-edge in the rearview mirror of tomorrow.


While the Alexa has become the industry’s go-to camera for high-end video production, there are fewer owner-operators that one would imagine, especially in Kansas City and Chicago. Scenic principal and director/director of photography, Kevin Schwarzenberger, says the Alexa is unparalleled.

“The reason everyone wants it is because it produces the most natural-looking video. It’s ahead of the curve.”

I won’t get all tech-y  with Alexa camera specs on you, but here are a few general Alexa benefits, thanks to Scenic’s director of post production, Rob Howard:

  1. Better image quality
  2. More control during production
  3. More options in post

The camera is built to be reliable and durable. According to Kevin,

“The Alexa will outperform the REDs of the world (as well as the Panasonic VariCams and Sony video cameras). The look is just superior to everything else out there. And, it’s much more functional in the field. The RED is too cumbersome to move quickly, and with the kind of video content we produce, it’s imperative that we’re mobile.

So if you know nothing about video cameras, know this: clients knock on our door because they’ve heard we own and operate this one.


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