March 25, 2024

10 Tips on Making a Powerful Brand Film for Your Business

In today’s digital age, the supreme reign of video content is undeniable, especially when it comes to brand films.

An impressive 68% of consumers engage with business videos under a minute long, while a staggering 93% of businesses report clinching sales through short-form video content.

This highlights the critical importance of not just any video, but specifically brand films, to encapsulate your company’s essence and connect deeply with your audience.

What Defines a Brand Film?

A brand film transcends conventional promotional content by delving into your brand’s core mission, vision, values, and lifestyle, rather than merely showcasing products or services.

These films are crafted not just to inform but to entertain, educate, and inspire, turning them into a potent tool in your marketing arsenal.

If done right, a brand film can be a very powerful marketing tool.

Why Should You Make Brand Films?

We are moving away from traditional broadcast media to digital modes of consumption such as social media and streaming. That makes brand identity critical now more than ever. It is even more important than pushing products and services and listing accomplishments because it helps you stand out from the competition and build trust and meaningful connections with your customers.

Take Google’s Year in Search videos that rake in hundreds of millions of views. They highlight all the significant events of the year and show how Google has been using the power of search to provide the best experience to its customers. They are great examples of brand films that engage with audiences at a deeper level, building long-lasting connections with the brand.

Another good example of a brand film is British Airways: Fuelled by Love which shows the airline’s belief in diversity, and its commitment to forming deeper connections with everyone worldwide.

Key Benefits of Brand Film

They Create a Memorable Experience

Unlike typical promotional interruptions, brand films weave relatable narratives that resonate and initiate conversations.

They Tap Into Emotions

Through storytelling and a good choice of background music, brand films use emotions to nudge the audience to trust and purchase from the brand.

They Show Your Brand’s Face

Brand films shine the spotlight on you, rather than on your products or services. They showcase your beliefs and values that people can relate to. It also increases brand awareness if widely shared by your audience.

They Can Win People’s Attention

By appealing to the audience’s emotions, brand films can grab their attention and hold it to the end, unlike promotional content. If done right, they will be shared a lot and the more they are shared, the more attention they attract.

They Establish Trust

By talking about your brand’s inspirations and aspirations, people can relate to and trust it, causing them to take action.

This is the type of impact that brand films can have on your business. Now that you understand what they can do, let’s dive into how you can make them.

Film crew

Crafting Your Brand Film: A Step by Step Guide

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to make a successful brand film:

1. Identifying Your Theme

Why are you creating this video? Before anything, the first step is to come up with a theme. The theme usually matches a brand tagline or essence, like happiness for Coke, or love of the outdoors for REI.

2. Figure Out Your Budget

Shooting a brand film isn’t as costly as you would think. Even SMBs can afford them on a small budget. They cost about 50K to 250K, depending on your location and talent.

3. Source Your Talent

Are you going to hire actors for the video or use your staff? Either is fine, as long as they can act well, can talk well on camera, and are likable and approachable. It is the only way they can communicate clearly and be relatable to your audience.

4. Location and Timing

Where and when do you plan the film to be set? You could set it in your office, outdoor, or in another place. If it’s anywhere other than your office, ensure you have visited it to ensure it is fit. Prepare the scene by removing clutter and adding props. It should be free from distractions.

The time of shooting should be carefully selected for the best lighting.

5. Storyline Creation

You need to create a storyline beforehand to produce the best video. A simple technique you can use is storyboarding, which allows you to visualize the entire video before recording. Creating a storyline beforehand allows you to come up with a coherent and well-thought-out video.

6. Plan the Logistics

How will you get your actors and the equipment to the scene? Will you need accommodation? Food? Permit? These details may seem trivial but are very important to ensure a smooth recording and processing session.

7. Filming

A smartphone video won’t do on this one. Make sure you have all the professional video recording gear, such as a professional camera, lighting equipment, and microphone for the best results.

As long as you have prepared well, shooting won’t take long.

8. Post-Production

Post-production involves editing the video using the software. It would be best if you let a professional handle this part because they know all the special effects that could improve the video’s visuals.

9. Promotion

You can have the best content out there but if you don’t promote it, it doesn’t matter. Post it on your social media channels, and use marketing tactics such as influencers and the likes to get the word out.

10. Watch and Fall in Love With What You Made

Viola! You are done! As long as you have handled the above steps well, you will have a good product. Sit back and watch it achieve its objectives.

Elevating Trust with Scenic Road’s Brand Films

Creating a brand film that resonates deeply, building trust and forging emotional connections, isn’t just a task—it’s a journey into the heart of what your brand stands for.

It’s about touching the core of your audience’s values and needs, guiding them through a decision-making journey with authenticity and warmth at the helm.

Yes, the path to crafting such a brand film might appear steep, filled with uncertainties and complexities. But, armed with the insights we’ve shared, you’re already on your way to transforming this challenge into an exciting adventure.

There’s something magical about joining forces with those who’ve walked this path before—experts who breathe life into stories, making them resonate with audiences far and wide.

This is where we, Scenic Road, step in. Our roots in Kansas City and Chicago, IL, have nourished a video production house celebrated not just for our technical skills but for our ability to narrate your brand’s story in a way that’s as authentic as it is enchanting.

Are you ready to see your brand’s story unfold in a way you’ve never imagined? To weave narratives that captivate and connect? Reach out to us at Scenic Road. Together, we’ll embark on a journey to craft not just a brand film, but an unforgettable experience.

Let’s turn your vision into a captivating reality that speaks directly to the hearts of your audience.