September 22, 2023

Scenic Road Presents: The Ultimate Guide to Explainer Videos in 2023

Explainer video hero

When it comes to video, there’s one kind that is the Volvo of the video world: the explainer video. It may not be sexy, but goshdarnit, it’s relevant and so very useful. We’re passionate about helping your video story come to life at Scenic Road. Part of that commitment means keeping our community informed about the latest industry trends and tools. Today, we’ll focus on explainer videos, a highly effective and widely embraced method of storytelling in the digital age.

(Can I just start by saying it’s ironic that I’m preparing to explain to you about explainer videos? I get joy from small things.)

Explainer Videos: A Powerful Tool for Your Narrative

What exactly are explainer videos? They’re short (but descriptive), engaging digital videos designed to make the complex clear, whether that’s a concept, product, or service. They can explain how an internal combustion engine works, or what is so special about your SAAS, for example. But beyond that, they serve as a compelling way to tell your brand’s story, captivate your audience, and drive your message home.

The Why: Perks of Utilizing Explainer Videos

The effectiveness of explainer videos has been studied, scrutinized, and ultimately proven over and over again. They make information more digestible, increase viewer retention, and can significantly boost conversions. An impressive 95% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. (And 100% of people who are putting together “ready to assemble” furniture. This is scientific data.)  The stats tell a compelling tale: explainer videos are no longer just a nice-to-have; they’re a must.

The How: Creating An Explainer Video

Here at Scenic Road, we’ve refined the art of creating explainer videos into a strategic process. First, we concentrate on identifying your target audience and clearly defining the message you want to deliver. We then move on to scriptwriting, where we frame your story in an engaging and concise way.

Next, we shift gears to the visual aspect. Our talented illustrators and animators bring your story to life, visually narrating your message through dynamic imagery and animation. We ensure your video is not just informational but also captivating and memorable.

Sound, Music, and Voiceovers: The Finishing Touches

Sound design is a critical, yet often overlooked, component of effective explainer videos. The right soundtrack underscores your narrative and set the emotional tone of the video. Similarly, a professionally recorded voiceover can guide your audience through the narrative, further enhancing the impact of your message.

The Now: Explainer Videos in 2023

The landscape of explainer videos in 2023 is more exciting than ever. Advancements in technology have opened new doors, enabling techniques such as 3D animation and virtual reality to create even more immersive and engaging experiences. The future of explainer videos is bright, and Scenic Road is at the forefront, ready to help you illuminate your story.

Final Thoughts

If you’re still asking why you need one, you’re behind the game. People seek out explainer videos and actively engage with them, often watching through to the end. That’s the kind of epic-level engagement you want for your brand. And if you don’t offer them, a competitor will.

Explainer videos are a powerful tool in your digital storytelling arsenal. They break down complex ideas into easily digestible, engaging narratives that not only inform but also entertain. As leaders in the industry, Scenic Road is excited to help you harness the power of explainer videos to tell your unique story in an unforgettable way. And that IS sexy. We’ll take your explainer video from Volvo, to Ferrari. Let’s take this scenic road to success together. Reach out today.