How AI Will Change Video Production As We Know It

how ai will change video production as we know it

It’s a whole new world out there, people. And if you’re smart, right now you’re asking yourself, ‘Did AI write this article I’m about to read?’ The answer is no. As of now, my chicken-pecking typing fingers are still actually attached to real hands getting direction from a human brain. 

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Behind the Scenes on an International Video Production Shoot in Pakistan with Scenic Road

When it comes to shooting video internationally, Scenic Road is well-versed. We’ve had international video production shoots in Asia, Europe, North and South America, but up until last month, we had never shot in Pakistan.

Airport in Pakistan on international video production shoot.

We often get asked what it is like to travel for video work like this, and about the logistics it takes to make it happen, … Read more

Top Brand Storytelling Trends for 2024 To Ignite Your Business


Brands are always chasing the latest brand storytelling trends and 2024 is only accelerating the change from one trend to the next.

Not only what stories brands tell, but how they tell them, and where they tell them, are always in flux. Today we break down the kinds of stories brands are telling and the key platforms they’re using.


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Behind the Scen…ic Road: Minnesota

Hakd jua palne7a…Monbsot…Soerruy…

Ahhh! Sorry! There, that’s better. Apologies – my hands are still defrosting from our trip to Minnesota.

It was a great time, covering 7-time X-Games gold medalist Levi LaVallee and his team of snocross racers. It’s not every day you get to film the world-record-holder in longest snowmobile jump (412 feet!) and somebody who’s pulled off a … Read more

Storytelling Video vs. Traditional Video Marketing: What are the Differences?


Video advertising works, and that’s a fact. According to HubSpot’s ultimate list of marketing statistics, more than half of marketing professionals consider video content to have the best ROI.  It’s no surprise that companies are allocating huge chunks of their budget to video marketing.

However, consumer behavior has greatly changed over the past two decades. Your customers no longer

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Advertising in the Age of Coronavirus Confusion


How on God’s Green Earth Do You Advertise In the Middle of a Crisis?

(Is the short answer, you don’t?)


With Coronavirus cases skyrocketing, and workplace closures following suit, most humans are ducking and covering (and rightly so). But if business is to continue at some near date in the future, how do we prepare now?  And to … Read more