4 Reasons Why Video Should Be Part of Your Brand Narrative

image of woman typing on keyboard with holographic brand narrative video hovering over the keyboard

When it comes to marketing your business, brand narrative is everything. How many customers make purchasing decisions in line with statistics or a cost-benefit analysis today? Next to none. They will buy into a story, and your brand narrative is defined by the stories that you tell. It includes your connection to your past, and your vision for the future.

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Top 103 Video Production Companies in the US – Part 2


The Sunshine State is full of entrepreneurs, creatives, artists of all kinds, and businesses that need a video to step up their marketing goals. Of course, Orlando is the fastest growing and most artistically drenched of all the larger cities in Florida. And one of the best video production companies in the town is Vibrant Media Productions. This … Read more

Behind the Scen…ic Road: Minnesota

Hakd jua palne7a…Monbsot…Soerruy…

Ahhh! Sorry! There, that’s better. Apologies – my hands are still defrosting from our trip to Minnesota.

It was a great time, covering 7-time X-Games gold medalist Levi LaVallee and his team of snocross racers. It’s not every day you get to film the world-record-holder in longest snowmobile jump (412 feet!) and somebody who’s pulled off a … Read more

11 Ways to Integrate Storytelling Images Into Your Blog Layout

Everyone knows that images are a powerful part of both inbound and outbound marketing.  Including storytelling images into your blog layout can catch the eye, illustrate a point, and help readers to visualize the content.

Some images show the content directly, some model a similar activity. At the most basic level, images enhance our mental perception of the page.

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How Targeted Video Campaigns Can Help Your Company

In today’s highly competitive internet world, it is very important for brands to differentiate themselves from their competition. Otherwise, you will lose customers and sales. They will flock to that new and exciting brand that’s not boring them with the same old message as everyone else.

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How to Win Consumer Loyalty with Social Media Marketing

social media influencer

Social media seemed like a hangout for unserious people at first.  Then, its ability to connect billions became obvious. Businesses began to embrace it. What started as a hangout has turned into a place where brands turn followers into raving fans–and they’re not looking back. That’s where the power of authentic social media marketing comes in.

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No, Really. Virtual Reality is Finally Ready for Prime Time!

virtual reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is rapidly gaining traction and becoming a powerful marketing tool.  VR allows consumers to not only get an upfront, first-row look at individual products, but immerse themselves inside an experience with your brand. It’s a big, warm hug from your brand, when traditional media can feel like a cold fist bump. Virtual reality also improves buyer awareness,

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It’s Time to Stand Out! Become Staple Background Noise for Your Target Audience

background noise podcast

The world, as we once knew it, has changed. The work-life dynamic of your customers is no longer the same, and as a brand, you need to move with your customer’s changing needs. Think about it; there has been an increase in remote working, and people would rather stay at home instead of socializing in public areas. This has led

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