The Cinematic Wizards Behind the Curtain: All Roads Lead to Scenic Road Productions

Behind the scenes with scenic road

In the digital age where your cat’s yawn might go viral, what sets your content apart?

The secret sauce: stellar video production.

And who’s got the secret recipe? None other than Scenic Road. If you’re wondering what makes for a great video production, here’s a quick look.

Grab some popcorn, friends, because we’re diving into the reel world. (See … Read more

Brand Filmmaking: What It Is and How It Helps Your Business

Title screen to a brand film with Hawaii mountain behind

Brand filmmaking is upsetting the world of traditional brand marketing. 

We’ve all seen our fair share of brand commercials and infomercials throughout our lives. It is in everything from cheap items sold on TV to political ads to oldies music.

There are hours-long compilations available on YouTube dedicated to some of the most cringy, weird, and memorable commercials and infomercials … Read more

Behind the Scenes on an International Video Production Shoot in Pakistan with Scenic Road

When it comes to shooting video internationally, Scenic Road is well-versed. We’ve had international video production shoots in Asia, Europe, North and South America, but up until last month, we had never shot in Pakistan.

Airport in Pakistan on international video production shoot.

We often get asked what it is like to travel for video work like this, and about the logistics it takes to make it happen, … Read more

Brand Films – What They Are and What They Can do to Help Promote Your Corporation

waterman floating under ocean surface

Corporations are using more creative means to promote their brands than ever before. Brand films, or “branded documentaries” as they’re also known, aim to entertain and inspire viewers with stories of aspirational lifestyles. At the same time, brand films subtly educate the audience on what makes your company special to widen your reach to your key demographics.


Subtly is … Read more

What Exactly is a Brand Film? [Plus, Our Top 8 Brand Films of All Time]

Follow along as we spell out what brand films are, once and for all, and provide eight killer examples of branded content done right.

Title screen to a brand film with Hawaii mountain behind


What is a Brand Film?

Brand films are long-form videos created to soft-sell the lifestyle of a brand and used as a form of digital marketing.

Usually, a brand film tells a story, connecting … Read more