March 2, 2016

True Story: A blog about authentic storytelling

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Real people = real stories.


At Scenic Road, we’re committed to telling authentic stories for brands. Not just pumping out advertising messages that try to convince you to buy the latest widgedydoo.

Plus, it’s what audiences want. According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers reported wanted advertising that feels like a story.

An authentic story is an emotional story

We want you to watch our videos and feel something. To learn, to laugh and yes, we loooooove it when you cry. (Sadistic, I know). And science backs us up. Humans crave stories like toddlers crave power.  This is why telling an authentic story works… the science. (Read more about that in another blog here.)

There are some really excellent storytellers out there. Our favorites capture real people that have a genuine love and passion for a brand, project or initiative. Barring that, we love stories that at least feel authentic. What does that mean? Look to Shakespeare, for one.

Talk about setting the bar high. Even though his stories are fiction, they take us to a time and place, and with such authentic personalities and attention to the detail of human frailties and failings, that they feel like true stories. His model of an authentic story is one we still follow today. This blog will share best practices so you can see for yourself why storytelling is effective, powerful, and why it matters. Then, you’ll know how to improve storytelling for your own brand.

At Scenic, many of us have backgrounds in journalism. All those years of watching life-changing moments for actual living, breathing human beings have had an undeniable impact.

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Scenic on the sidelines of a football game

Whether it’s watching crowds cheer for the underdog team, or standing silently while a mother mourned, those stories are the ones we’ll remember forever. They resonate because they are real. Imagine what harnessing that power of authenticity can do for your brand. It’s limitless. True Story.

Have you seen (or created) a great brand story lately? Whether it’s for a corporate video production, advertising, marketing or internal communications, please send it to me and I will share.