Anthem Videos

Beautiful, Inspirational Video that Cuts Through the Noise

Anthem videos are the way forward because there’s no turning back: we live in a world defined by complete media overload.

Wherever we turn, marketers are appealing to us to support something, to buy something—to make sure their brand/product/effort owns valuable real estate inside our brains; and the media frenzy is only getting louder and louder. And by the minute.

What is an Anthem Video?

The anthem video is designed to be a powerful, engaging brand communication tool that cuts though this busy media landscape. And in an era where attention spans are constantly shrinking, the anthem answers a call for brevity. 

Scenic Road designs its anthem videos as high-level messaging tools designed to share a company’s unique point of view, but also, its purpose.

It answers the question, “what’s the ‘why’”. It’s designed to quickly capture its viewers’ attention and compel them to invest in the company’s offering—whether it’s a brand promise, product, service, or initiative.

What Sets Us Apart in Brand Anthems?

The short answer: Results. A 39% increase in revenue. A 60% increase in time spent on a website.

Scenic’s anthems rise above the cacophony of branded messaging through succinct emotional storytelling, a cinematic aesthetic, and a specific call to action. Whether that action drives viewers to a website or to engage in some other way, the organization can tie those desired results to the video effort.

Marketers also embrace anthems because, as a bird’s-eye-view look at a brand or company, it outlasts any one campaign, so the spend is balanced by the video’s long life. It’s a story of who you are, and that will continue to reap intangible rewards (e.g., awareness, brand advocacy, engagement) with a wide audience into the future.

When speaking about any work that we create, we’re always concerned with conversions, and that holds true for anthems too. An anthem can convert the average individual to be a brand loyalist in a matter of seconds.

It can also re-ignite long-time clients or customers. Because of its short run time, it’s shareable, so the brand can share it with its followers, and those people can, in-turn, share it with their network.

The anthem also assists sales staff tasked with delivering face-to-face messaging to potential buyers. It’s vetted messaging that is consistent by design, and it takes the pressure off the speaker to sell his or her audience on the company’s mission and purpose. 

Anthems are one of the most searing, effective ways that your brand can communicate with your audience, and it’s a tool that’s always relevant, regardless of trend.

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