September 27, 2021

It’s Time to Stand Out! Become Staple Background Noise for Your Target Audience

background noise podcast

The world, as we once knew it, has changed. The work-life dynamic of your customers is no longer the same, and as a brand, you need to move with your customer’s changing needs. Think about it; there has been an increase in remote working, and people would rather stay at home instead of socializing in public areas. This has led to increased watch time at home with background noise.

How can you market your brand in a way that your target audience interacts with your brand without even realizing it? Is it possible to advertise to your customers in a way that isn’t intrusive?

The answer to that is simple. Just become a staple background noise to them! Create content for your brand that your customers are likely to turn on as reliable background noise. Or, for passive watching while they mainly focus on a different screen (like a work laptop or phone). The key is knowing who your target audience is first.

How to Identify Your Target Audience

First, look at your existing customers. If you have an analytics tool like Google Analytics, what does it tell you about who they are, where they’re coming from, and what content resonates most with them?

Assess your social channels for information on pain points and what your audience values. Look at your email statistics on your highest open rates.

Consider sending out surveys to see what they are looking for and what they prioritize. Don’t forget to see what your competition is up to and how they might be providing something that you aren’t.

Now that you’re armed with this info, you’re ready to become background noise for your target audience.

Types of Background Noise Content

1.   YouTube Videos

If your company doesn’t own a YouTube channel, then it may be time to create one. Other than providing you with an extra source of income and driving extra traffic to your website, YouTube is a great space to interact with your customers in a non-intrusive way.

Admit it, you often listen to YouTube videos as you browse the internet… and so do your customers!

Create YouTube content that your customers can listen to as they work on another tab. You will want to avoid “How To” kinds of content as that requires direct visual attention. Instead, talk about important topics to your industry. Or, create something that is more mindless fun, where the audience doesn’t care if they tune out while they focus on work and tune back in for a break from that.

2.   Podcasts

There is a reason why podcasts are booming right now: they allow for multitasking and people don’t have to stop their activities to listen to one. Why read blogs when you can just listen to one as you drive to the store?

Podcasts allow your customers to keep up with the latest trends in your company and catch up with the latest news in the industry. It also doesn’t hurt that they are entertaining and have a personal appeal.

3.   Jingles

Have you ever sat at your office desk and couldn’t get the McDonald’s jingle out of your mind? No matter what you do, you can’t help but hum the “para pa pa pa, I’m Lovin’ it!’ There’s a high chance you went and got yourself a McDonald’s meal afterwards. Why? Because you attached this musical advert to a sumptuous meal and every time you hear it, you can’t help but crave one.

That’s the power of a good jingle! It’s simple, catchy and memorable! You only have to attach the song to your brand, and every time your customers hear it, they will automatically think of you. Talk about excellent positioning!

Benefits of Creating Background Content

1.   You Develop a Strong Relationship With Your Target Audience

Creating background noise allows you to make content that your customers can passively interact with. It is a non-intrusive, intimate and convenient way of passing information to them.

They don’t have to read blogs or download ebooks to get your content – they only have to listen to you. You will be giving them updates and information in a personal way that makes them feel like part of your brand.

This will eventually result in a strong relationship between your brand and your customers.

2.   It’s a Brilliant Positioning Strategy

Think about it; when your target market listens to your content, the subconscious part of their minds will digest it. They will grow accustomed to your brand voice, your content, the conversation, etc. without knowing it, and every time they hear anything that remotely sounds like you, they will immediately associate it with your brand.

This is a great way to position your brand in your customers’ minds. You only have to know your customers well enough to identify the type of content they would love.

3.   Your Customers Can Easily Keep Up With Your Brand

Blogs, white papers and eBooks are good, but they require your customers to stop whatever they are doing and read them.

The sad reality is that people rarely have that much time. In fact, they first scan all readable content before deciding whether to read it or not, and if they conclude that your content isn’t helpful, they will move on to the next website.

Background content, on the other hand, comes with one major advantage; they can listen to it and still get other stuff done.  Your customers can keep up with your company without actively engaging with it.

4.   You Can Repurpose Your Content

Don’t leave out the rest of your target audience!

The beauty of content is that it is very flexible. If you have a podcast that your audience can listen to in the background, you can reuse this content to distribute it on your other channels.

You can create a blog out of it, write a white paper, infographics, etc. This allows you to maximize your time and effort by reaching more people.

5.   You Create a Buzz For Your Brand

Admit it; you want your company to have instant recognition. You want to bring attention to your brand and have people talking about it…you just don’t know how to do it.

The truth is, it’s not easy, but background content is a great place to start.

If your audience becomes familiar with your brand and comes to expect content from you, they will actively start looking for you on other platforms. You only have to hook them with your background content.


Tips for Creating Background Content

  • Make it engaging and interesting
  • Create content that only speaks to your audience
  • Keep it casual and personal. Make them feel as though they are listening to a friend
  • Be consistent in terms of content creation, brand voice and tone, so that they can attach your content to your brand

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

The best way to reach your target market is by providing them with helpful content and in a way that they will appreciate. How about creating content that they can listen to as they carry out other tasks? This is your chance to stand out from the crowd and let your voice be heard. This is the time to create engaging background content! Also, fee free to contact us to create content that is good for background noise.