June 25, 2018

How To Unlock The Power Of Your Brand’s Story In A Mission Video


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What makes you unique? What’s your purpose?

In an age when brands must do everything possible to differentiate themselves, one powerful way is through a mission video.

Mission videos, or mission statement videos, are significant for businesses of all kinds. A best-in-class mission video serves as the brand’s means of communicating their purpose or core values, which then automatically connects with your target audience as well.

Those who do it successfully will tap into the  “essence” of their brand’s purpose and values in order to visually present it in the most compelling, relatable way. Some brands take their mission statement further and turn it into a visual representation of their goals and ideas with the purpose of establishing a true brand personality and allowing their audience to get to know them better.

Three compelling mission videos


“Here’s to those who have always seen differently. Different is the one thing about us that will always be the same.”

It should not shock you that Apple has set a high bar for quality, innovation and tech revolution, so it’s no surprise its mission video reaches the same standard. As consumers, we have a deep and abiding love for our favorite brands, and the reasons are primarily two-fold: the brand solves a problem for us in a convenient way; the brand “gets” us, meaning they market to us in a way that shows they understand our motivations and desires. On that note, Apple’s compelling mission statement video shows that they stay true to their mission.

The video itself is minimal. It utilizes different camera angles paired with altered visual perceptions to deliver a set of valuable key messaging that describes their purpose, their course of action, values, a way of thinking, as well as the motivation behind making the brand great. The most brilliant part? The entire video is focused on the customer who identifies with their vision. They know their audience. They are their audience.

If this video doesn’t give you chills, we don’t know what will!


SJC Custom Drums

“Built with passion… played with pride.”

When it comes to mission videos that make a statement, there are plenty of approaches brands can take. Apple took a graphic approach, but storytelling videos can also be extremely compelling. In SJC’s mission video, viewers are drawn in by learning about the brand’s origin story. We hear about their humble beginnings in their grandma’s basement and watch them transition to what they have become. Taking a personal, honest approach in storytelling is successfully adding an element of pure and authentic sentiment, making it relatable to anyone watching who’s also on a mission to grow a business or stay committed to their goal.

SJC makes clear that the brand’s motivation is to be their best in order to make their audience reach their fullest potential. It is so they can tend to “you, our customer” in the best way possible and help all music buffs live out their drum-based dreams to the fullest.



“To inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real food.”

The mission statement video from SweetGreen is another brilliant storytelling or documentary video. This one is made stronger by the narrative, which is driven by genuine, unscripted thoughts delivered by the founders.

This mission video is all about reinforcing the shared experience of eating healthy food. It enforces a sense of community throughout the piece with a steady drumbeat of messaging that speaks to this audience and by showing instead of telling.

We see fresh ingredients and trips to farmers markets. See the company’s core values up on the wall. Observe the brand reflecting a mindful, sustainable, healthy lifestyle in all it says and does. And it’s the action that counts. We are an especially cynical audience these days, so by including the work SweetGreen is doing in schools, the brand gains valuable credibility for walking the walk of its mission, instead of just talking the talk.

SweetGreen further demonstrates that it’s a movement to be reckoned with by showcasing its growing audience and attendance of the masses at its festivals and concerts. This also taps into FOMO, or a Fear of Missing Out. It becomes a brand that if you don’t follow, you’re missing out on something important in your life.

Ultimately, what makes this video truly special is the fact that the brand creators truly are both the audience and the provider. They took it upon themselves to deliver what people truly wanted from healthy food, and “to create experiences where passion and purpose come together.”

Some of the best stories come full circle, and this one starts where it ends, reinforcing that the values they started with continue today. That’s powerful messaging.

Wonderfully executed.

 Here are some takeaways:

• The secret ingredient that makes mission videos appealing and believable? Your authentic story.

• Know your audience. Show how your values reflect theirs.

• Show how you’re living your purpose, not just telling.

• Tell the story visually, whether that’s through graphics or powerful cinematography.

• Use pacing and aspirational music.


If you follow these examples, mission statement videos can indeed make all the difference for your brand.

Do you have an amazing mission video to share? Email me and I might share it in an upcoming blog as a best practice example.