August 25, 2020

Five Signs Your Visitors Want More Mobile Videos

hand holding cell phone with no video playing

Creating videos as an extension of any marketing campaign is already commonplace, and even smaller brands are now focusing on creating mobile videos. Still, you may not do nearly enough of them and the reasons are always the same:  you don’t have time or the budget. We get you.

Even if neither of those is an issue for you (lucky you!), how do you know your visitors want more of them? Whether you post videos on social media or your site, evidence points to them being continually effective in conveying a marketing message.

What are the main signs showing your mobile audience is hungry for more videos from you? Take a minute to scope out five essential signs proving you’re falling behind being more visual with your marketing efforts.

1. Your Analytics Show Conversions Dropping

Converting leads into customers is the name of the game in any business. You need to pay attention to how many conversions you’re getting per month, even if may feel like it’s a rat race. If you notice a drop recently, then it means you aren’t convincing your customers to take the final plunge in buying your products.

Far too many businesses place engagement on social media or site visits as paramount, but this is shortsighted. A conversion is what sets the stage for loyal customers since you took them through a marketing funnel to get there. It’s proof you were doing something really right.

Check your analytics for where your conversions are coming from. There are many reasons to be mobile-first in your approach, especially if your analytics already show that’s how your audience is finding you. If they’re not, add mobile videos to your marketing efforts and measure the impact.

Including videos on your products pages will go a long way in convincing people to buy. More people turn to mobile to buy things on their mobile devices. Those who see a product in a video are far more likely to buy it than going by an ordinary product image.

What makes video so important in this case is the product comes to life. The customer can see your product from all angles rather than just from the front and back. Also, a video allows you to show someone actually using your product to demonstrate why it has so much value. (Read more of what we’ve written here on the power of testimonial video if you’re not convinced.)

2. Your Google Rankings Are Starting to Dip

One sure sign people aren’t visiting you as much (or buying) is that dreaded dip in your Google rankings. If you fall off the main page in search results, you need to take some action in reinventing your marketing campaign.

This is a sign many are perhaps bored with the approach you’re already doing. For one thing, it may be because you have an overly visual product visitors want to see more of in a video.

All evidence points to videos rising above ordinary blog posts in Google search results. By creating a video, you’re much more likely to see a jump on Google, even if it takes a little time to see the results.

If you plan ahead, you can also jump on certain trends or seasons in advance so you’re at the top of Google when those particular seasons hit.

mobile video play button on smart phone

3. Visitors Don’t Quite Understand Enough About Your Products

You may be getting social media visitors messaging you saying they need to know more about your products before making a purchase. It may be an overly complicated product needing more explanation, whether it’s highly technical, health-related, or somehow abstract.

Rather than taking and posting more static product images or dense white papers, a video will bring it to life. After all, the amount of creativity you can place in a video is virtually unlimited. So many creative touches are possible, including animation or even doing a production bringing a few laughs.

Either way, evidence continues to show that when a visitor sees text and video on the same product page, the person will likely pick video first. As a form of brand awareness, video is the very best method for showing your product literally in action. The more you can show it being used to solve a problem will go a long way toward convincing someone it’s worth purchasing.

Bringing brand awareness also nurtures a level of trust to help you create a customer base for the future.

4. Your Customers Want Sequential Mobile Videos for Updates

Perhaps you release new products on a regular basis, but your customers complain you don’t provide enough visual information to explain their usage and benefits. Or, since many customers don’t tell you what they’re missing, you notice a loss in audience or viewership (or sales) over time. If you’re experiencing these issues, it may be time to start doing sequential videos, or a series. These are becoming more popular because they work like video blogs where you keep people up to date on product information at least once per week.

Whatever format you choose to use here, it pays to keep these videos short and to the point…unlike streaming shows do. Releasing sequential videos can also help solve the problem of delays in getting videos out to people. They’re produceable with limited time, and allow you to keep to a reliable release schedule that your customers will come to expect.

Creating short videos once or twice per week also allows you to do more brand storytelling. As many marketing experts note, sequential videos can help tell a compelling story about your brand that helps “edutain” – educate as well as bring entertainment value. Because people access this content while traveling or when they have a few minutes to spare, edutainment is the perfect use case of mobile video.

You’ve likely seen this brand storytelling strategy before on YouTube. Before starting a video series, though, targeting is essential, which may require creating brand personas to help figure out your audience. Use the analytics you already have to inform the targeting, and include your current audience and likely aligned audiences in order to grow.

5. You Aren’t Engaging Enough with Customers

Posting videos on social media is table stakes now, and it almost always brings more engagement with visitors compared to text-driven posts. Some of your text posts may be through automation as well, creating even less engagement than you ever planned. Social is a beast that needs to be fed, though, so while some posts can be automated, nothing replaces true human-to-human conversation. Make sure you’re listening, replying, and even better, incorporating those conversations and feedback into future videos.

If you keep a steady drumbeat of posting videos on your social media account, engagement will stay high. You’ll find this true particularly if you tell a story everyone can relate to, and you create and optimize your videos for the platform in which they live.

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