October 26, 2020

Top 103 Video Production Companies in the US (2 of 2: Maryland-Wyoming)

(Note: this post is continued from TOP 103 VIDEO PRODUCTION COMPANIES IN THE US (1 OF 2: ALABAMA-MAINE))


Producers, in Baltimore, is into high-quality video production, out-of-the-ordinary television commercials, corporate videos, web film, branded content, social media video, YouTube video, and any other video project you care to try. Producers‘ crew is highly skilled, and its editors are experienced and creative. The company does 2D and 3D design and animation, and the company’s sound designers are audio engineers, as well.

Offering in-studio and on-location single to multi-camera video and much more, DBF Media in La Plata, Maryland, is a video production company with a hardworking group of talented staff that is doing lots of things right. The YouTube portfolio video tells the entire story in images. This company supports its community, helps families hold on to their heirloom photographs and pictures, duplicates CD/DVD images, and doles out event support.


Beverly Boys Productions in Boston, Massachusetts, provides a full range of video production services. Whatever you need, you can be sure that the work done for you is going to “knock your socks off.” Some of the most well-known brands have received excellent finished products from Beverly Boy Productions. The crew has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as MTV, PBS, IBM, and Comcast, so it’s obvious they know their way around the video production game.

About an hour to the west of Boston is where D2 Productions has set up its site. Company leaders say that live TV broadcasting is what trained them to be agile, efficient, and creative. Since 1998, the company has diversified big time and is on the road most of the time. The business’s clients are high-quality, and the skills represented at D2 Productions are rarified.


Detroit is the location where Full View Productions makes its home. What makes Full View Productions different from the rest? Their videos are repeatedly home runs. The turn-around on its projects makes meeting deadlines a cinch. Full View Productions works at keeping budgets competitive. By communicating well and keeping clients in the loop, the entire production experience is seamless. At least that’s what Toyota, GM, and PepsiCo have to say.

Full-service and production savvy, Zara Creative, in Ferndale, Michigan, has it all. This award-winning company focuses on clients who are “big thinkers.” The crew likes to say, “Our films are fresh, our coffee is strong, and our puns are witty.” The company is happy where they are, but finds its team is frequently on the road.


Looking for a video production company that has “heart?” StoryBoard Films is what you are looking for to ensure you get the project you want. Yes, the company has won its fair share of awards, such as the St. Paul Frozen Film Festival, the Award of Excellence from the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA), and the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival. But, more importantly, whether the job is corporate, nonprofit, or commercial, StoryBoard Films is going to tell your story with heart.

Roseville, Minnesota, is delighted to have a video production company in its city. ProMedia Productions offers its services across the state and the nation. The company provides the expected services but includes medical illustrations and animations, as well. In the Twin Cities area, ProMedia Productions goes beyond its clients’ expectations.


If you’re looking for a company that thinks outside the box, RedSquared Productions is the studio you need. Located in the historic Midtown area of Jackson, Mississippi, Red Squared Productions creates professional production, multi-media, content, documentaries, and more. This lively and young company is also part of the Southern Cult Creative Collective.

Broadcast Media Group (BMG) in Starkville, Mississippi, has a 1,000 square foot shooting space, moveable sound panels, lighting, cameras for video or images, lenses, and grip. BMG knows how important video can be for companies and businesses, and they have what it takes to create content. BMG has drone shots, sliders, jibs, MoVi stabilizers, and almost anything else that will make your videos look super exciting.


Scenic Road is based in Kansas City and works across Missouri, Kansas, and the rest of the midwest. Whether you use the skills of the Chicago, Illinois team or the folks at the Kansas City location, you will receive the same services and philosophy. “We believe that real people are the best, most effective voices for your brand. We use emotional storytelling to drive empathy and to resonate with your core audience. Our expertise in marketing shows and branded entertainment sets us apart.”


Aerial shot of a blue jeep towing kayaks next to a lake
Scenic Road on a commercial shoot in Montana

Bozeman, Montana, is a gorgeous place right in the heart of what is known as the “big sky country.” It should be no surprise that Implement Productions has a better than average grasp of how to film the great outdoors. But it doesn’t stop there. Implement Productions produces independent films, commercials, and brand videos. The team likes to involve themselves in inspirational adventures and stories. They have all the bells and whistles, including drones. National Geographic does lots of work with this production company.

Moving Picture Productions is a beautiful surprise without trying to be. The team’s website backs that thought up, for sure. Located in Helena, Montana, the company is into long-form videos, television advertising, and plenty more.


Dundee Digital, right in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska, specializes in creative film production, animation, documentary films, brand videos, and narrative. The company’s been around since 2011, and its most exceptional characteristics include a dedication to quality and attention to detail.

About 60 miles away, in Lincoln, Nebraska, is Three Pillars Media. The name of the company reflects the three-step process they use to make fantastic content. Learn, create, and deliver are their secret spice words. First, they learn as much as possible about the people with whom they will be working. Next comes the most highly anticipated step, and that is beginning the process of creation. Finally, the team presents your project, on time, and at budget.


Las Vegas: the lights, the cameras, the action! Vegas will not stand for video production companies that are not five stars, at least. Aardvark Video is the company in Vegas that can fill those needs. With 30 years of experience, Aardvark knows what customers want, including client interface, project planning, and outstanding execution. This company can handle marketing, social media, training, trade shows, conventions, conferences, and corporate events by using live streaming, multi-camera projects, and much more.

Montgomery Media Productions has a location in North Las Vegas and has everything needed to create the best services and products in the video production industry. The owner, Clint Montgomery, likes to create an excellent working relationship while making exceptional video productions. Montgomery relies on intuition, expertise, and ingenuity.

New Hampshire

Manchester, New Hampshire, the largest city in the state, has an exceptional production studio nearby. Granite River Studios is an impressive studio that can take care of your motion graphics, scriptwriting, B-Roll/still photography, video production, live stream, and creating promotional and educational videos.

Waves Media Video Production offers its services to companies and individuals in Boston, San Diego, and everywhere in-between. Waves may look a bit expensive, but the team works ongoingly to keep prices down as much as possible. The team believes that if they cannot do the best work of which they are capable, they won’t pursue the project.

New Jersey

Cinematrocity is a photography and video production company that understands that even the best videos can benefit from a strong promotion strategy. The company can also handle distribution to fully leverage your content.

“Cinematrocity develops authentic strategy and solutions to connect businesses to their audience using compelling, creative, and story-driven video creation. We focus on implementing our videos in the best way for each business to fully benefit from the power of video,” says owner, Thomas Clark.

Post Creatives is detail-oriented and dedicated to innovation, creativity, and storytelling. The company’s crew includes problem-solvers and imaginative thinkers. They say they can create for any client whose business has a story to tell. Post Creatives’ goal is getting their clients’ business stories in front of the clients’ audience. This progressive company is in Howell Township, New Jersey.

One of the nation’s top video production companies is Awakened Films in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. They are experts at creating corporate video, nonprofit video, commercial video, filmed live events, viral videos, and educational video. A shortlist of their clients will tell you all you need to know about Awakened Films. They are CBS, Oprah Winfrey, Kashi, Brother, International, and the list continues.

New Mexico

Businesses, individuals, or organizations that need crazy-good professional videos need to visit the website of CliffDweller Digital’s website. In Albuquerque and nearby Rio Rancho, this group of makers is ready to roll. Their list of talents includes video production, television shows, web design, commercials, web videos, and online marketing. This company knows how vital it is for businesses to get involved with video, and these are the gals and guys who can do just that. CliffDwellers claims the title of most sizable of New Mexico’s video production companies.

new mexico landscape with shrubs and flat ground at golden hour

Cinevision Productions in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is owned and operated by Richard Wil Startzman, who happens to have impressive credentials. Startzman holds an advanced degree in Visual Anthropology and documentary filmmaking from Northern Arizona University. He also received degrees from the Anthropology Film Center in Santa Fe, which is associated with the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Pennsylvania. His work includes numerous films about the art of dance, more than 500 TV commercials, and recorded lectures by more than 500 visionaries around the world.

New York

As you may imagine, NYC has plenty of exceptional video production companies. One of those is Good Brother in Brooklyn, New York. What sets this production company apart is the fact that they enjoy taking on projects that are attempting to make the world a better place. They’ve worked with many 5-star businesses and have everything necessary for making outstanding video pieces.

Top-Notch Cinema in Astoria, New York, and featured in The Huffington Post, ABC, Forbes, and more, is an accomplished company. This business has everything it takes to make complicated ideas come to life. They work with clients nationwide. Additionally, one of their producers is an Emmy Award winner.

North Carolina

The city of Charlotte in the Tar Heel State is where Caravan – A Video Production Company does its work. Their services range from concept development, commercials, documentaries, narratives, animation to “mo-graph” (motion graphics).

With more than 15 years of experience, CK Productions knows plenty about filming, editing, and creative video services for small businesses, education, as well as corporate. Their offices are in Kernersville, North Carolina, but they service a broad area in and out of the state.

North Dakota

Media Productions, with an office in Fargo, North Dakota, has been around for over 40 years. They work in their state and for clients across the country. They have a reputation for being creative, cutting-edge, and technically talented. Most importantly, they create unforgettable connections.

Almost three hours away in Bismark is Threefold. This team says:

“We move with hustle, build with creativity, execute with precision, and deliver with purpose.”

Threefold wants to make seamless partnerships, and it seems that’s what they’re doing.


Cleveland-based Cleveland Film Company is a team of highly-skilled filmmakers. The company’s goals are making excellent finished products, giving their clients tools to meet their businesses’ goals, and making a place where filmmakers can create and sustain their jobs.

With a tremendously long list of varied and well-known clients, Vital Companies in Columbus, Ohio, is getting its creative hat on. They are ready to help clients have a product that they, as a team, love to create. Nothing is more inspiring, says the company, than getting an emotional response from their clients and their audiences. Vital has a complete video production toolbox.


When you click on the website for 1577 Productions, you will then need to click on the video above. Located in Oklahoma, Oklahoma, this production company has a mood that is equal parts western-vibe, Madison Ave., and pathos. 1577 does all the basics and has the clients to prove it. They won the 2017 Best Oklahoma Short Film in the deadCenter Film Festival. In 2015, they won the same award for their documentary Course of Food.

Freestyle Creative in Moore, Oklahoma, says their creativity comes when strategy meets creativity. This company partners with businesses and organizations to contribute to the growth of their state. Freestyle also says their core values are hustle, respect, evolution, and autonomy, with a big dash of teamwork.


Clients have plenty of positive things to say about Bridge City Media Group. They are artists in the field of website video, video advertising, and corporate events video. Their customer list is overflowing with such memorable brands as Uber, the University of Portland, and American Ninja Warrior.

Bend, Oregon has among its many businesses, Rage Productions. The Rage team says they like things that go fast and get dirty, but that’s not all they enjoy. The owner and founder, Sky Pinnick, graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle and worked as a producer and designer at Microsoft Studios in Redmond, Washington. Among video production companies, his is adrenaline-fueled and features action sports.


The Format company in Philidelphia excels in making high-end, engaging content for brands and agencies across the US. Format’s videos have a high-intensity, passionate feel. They have produced videos for Levi’s, Ikea, Urban Outfitters, Coca Cola, Maybelline, Planet Fitness, and more companies on the same playing field.

If you want your production to be organized and calm, pick Pixelab Studios in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This studio does not want its clients to be intimidated, overwhelmed, or afraid to see the bill. This production company knows that videos convert, and they are aware that every business can benefit from video marketing.

Rhode Island

This media company makes films and offers aerial video and photography. Sean McVeigh Media, nestled in the beautiful city of Cumberland, Rhode Island, has 20 years in the business and all the fabulous tools needed to capture fantastic images.

Saunderstown, Rhode Island, is Daylight Films’ little corner of the world. This studio has capabilities with drone services, post-production work, graphic design, school events video, corporate video, and a whole toolbox of additional assistance, including wedding videos and images.

South Carolina

One client said that Zero Gravity in West Columbia, South Carolina, was as good as any Hollywood production company could be. This video production business has the experience and tools to provide a vast range of video production services in a wide range of genres.

Right on the coastline, in beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Encore Video awaits your visit. This company has been serving the folks of South Carolina since 1980. This Myrtle Beach mainstay has just completed behind-the-scenes footage of an electronic press kit (EPK) to publicize a feature film starring John Travolta, Vince Vaughn, and Steve Buscemi called Domestic Disturbance. Encore Video is a big deal.

South Dakota

Dakota Video+Post is in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and is a visual and audio production studio. They have a team of seasoned professionals in all fields of production and years of on-the-job training.

In Rapid City, South Dakota, Asio Studio is keeping mighty busy. This somewhat small company gives its customers audio, video, photography, infographics, slides, and event documentation. Compared to other video production companies, Asio may be a small studio, but it has a broad and friendly reach.


The award-winning Memphis video production company, Churchill Studios, offers a top-notch team of videographers, quality equipment, and resources that allow for captivating online videos, commercials, and promotional content. They do it all. The team’s goal is to engage and convert. It’s just that simple.

Filming a “White Knuckle Event,” which combines off-road enthusiasts and is often called the “Woodstock of ATV and SXS Events,” is just another day at the office for Knoxville’s premier video production company, Big Slate Media. They also love videos about nonprofit events, as well.


Dallas is the biggest and the best. Ask any Texan. Think Branded Video is one of the brightest and the best, as well. Visiting their website evokes excitement, fun, creativity, and emotion. They want to find the lightning in the bottle. You can tell by looking at their logo.

Austin is where it’s going on, man. If you’re looking for youth, play, coolness, and trendy, you’ll likely find it at Mosaic Media Films in Austin, Texas. According to Google reviews, this is Austin’s highest-rated video production company. They take their projects seriously, but they also have fun.


Near Provo, Utah, you’ll find Creative Media Group (CMG) in Orem, Utah. The website for this company is as slick and remarkable as a studio you might see in Hollywood or New York City. Have a look at their portfolio video on their landing page.

Not far away, in Salt Lake City, is Levitate Media Group. The team is making epic videos. Levitate also designs and creates websites, boosts your SEO, and goes above and beyond on every project they accept.


Mondo MediaWorks in Brattleboro, Vermont, started when its founder’s parents bought a VHS camcorder in the late 80s. Now, Mondo is a video production company creating videos for brands sprinkled all around America. But this company is different because they get right on any project they accept. Another difference is that they truly understand marketing, no worries.

A bit north of Brattleboro is Burlington, Vermont, home of Urban Rhino. This team is into animation and live-action video. The company’s look is relaxed, organic, and appealing. This team is both young and talented.


According to Paladin Media Group of Charlottesville, Virginia, the possibilities are endless. When a brand stirs imagination and story with artistry, you’re going to have a fantastic project result. Paladin Media Group says they are the team that will transform your concept into a cinematic existence.

In Richmond, Virginia, HumanStory creates authentic, story-centered content that connects individuals in a lasting and meaningful manner. This company has created for Tyson, the World Pediatric Project, Graze, and Caregiver, Inc.


Seattle’s Play Fish Media nurtures concepts, shapes, guides messaging, and breathes visual life into complex ideas. One of the primary goals of the team is to provide simple, honest, and superior care to their clients.

Mortimore Productions in Spokane, Washington, offers all the bells and whistles, but it also wants to amaze their clients, deliver the content on time, and to stay on budget. This team never tires of learning about their clients’ needs and carving out a near-to-perfect story for them

West Virginia

The Mountain Craft Productions group, in Charleston, West Virginia, is grounded and used to hard work. That’s why they love what they do. They know that video production is hard work, making them the team to choose if you want the best. They have a page of clients they like to share with their potential clients. Just click on the logo.

At Kid in the Background, Inc., all their work centers on an artistic spirit. Located in Beckley, West Virginia, the company’s professional video production and editing services are available for any occasion or special event, as well as TV shows, feature films, and corporate and training videos. @KITBmedia, the best experience, equipment, and artistic vision is there.


We’ve been lucky at Scenic Road to visit Wyoming countless times for productions, and to tell Wyoming’s tourism story (above).

If you’re looking for more local, look to Hughes Productions in Jackson, Wyoming. More than 30 years of experience have made this group able to handle all generator, staging technical details, lighting, on-site audio, video, event-streaming, and video conferencing needs.

Camera Head Media in Cheyenne, Wyoming, includes a team of creators, individuals who have marketing minds, and experienced producers. This company is ready to take on adventures and deliver innovative and captivating results for their clients.

Scenic Road

We hope you’ll consider these production companies and keep video alive during these turbulent times. We’re all small businesses and we’re pulling for each other. Scenic launched in 2008, which was also a terrible time to start a business. We made it through then and we’ll beat the odds again. We know video storytelling is as important today as it was a month ago, and in the days and weeks to come it will be even more important.

Whether you are looking for video production locally, or you want to create content with existing footage or stock footage, let us know if we can be of help.

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