October 30, 2021

How Targeted Video Campaigns Can Help Your Company

woman lying on sofa in dimly lit room holding tablet with glow from screen illuminating her face
targeted video campaigns are king when it comes to marketing initiatives

In today’s highly competitive internet world, it is very important for brands to differentiate themselves from their competition. Otherwise, you will lose customers and sales. They will flock to that new and exciting brand that’s not boring them with the same old message as everyone else.

To stand out, your brand needs to be the staple background noise for your customers. In other words, customers need to hear about your brand constantly via word of mouth, video campaigns, and social media channels.  This can only happen if you employ better ways of communicating with your base.

Continue reading to find out the best way to stand out from the crowd and examples of brands implementing this tactic.

How to Make Your Brand Conspicuous with Targeted Video Campaigns

Here are two ways to propel your company into the limelight:

Abandon the broadcasting method

“Broadcast” is a method that targets groups of customers instead of each individual. The problem with it is that most people do not listen to advertisements; they skip them or turn them off entirely. Consumers hate this method because it gives them no incentive to listen to what the company says. The broadcast method also takes away the focus from the company while emphasizing how much money it spends on advertising.

Make your video campaigns more personal

A better way to reach your target audience is to aim for ultra-targeted moderation. It calls for an alternative and better strategy instead of getting across your message to an entire group of people.

The ideal way is to work with smaller groups to allow communication with individuals. By ensuring that your customers feel that you are speaking to them directly, you’re bound to get exemplary results.

This way, you personalize the marketing effort, allowing you to connect with your customers and relate with them.

An example of this type of marketing is using Facebook or Twitter accounts that are brand or product-specific.

People who “like” or follow these accounts never have to worry about missing out on any new updates, sales, or products. Hence, everyone viewing the page can see the posts and read them.

They also don’t feel as if you are intentionally bombarding them with random video campaigns or advertisements.

The use of social media is instrumental in this type of marketing approach because it allows your customers to be directly involved with what you have to say.

Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram give you the ability to build a brand personality with your customers.

With the right tools and plans in place, companies can make sure their customers hear about them constantly, impressively, and engagingly. Using small groups to communicate makes it easy for every target audience member to remember who they are dealing with.

hands holding mobile device showing Netflix app on top of wooden table
Netflix is a platform where targeted video campaigns can be seen in action

Examples of Brands Engaging In Personal Experiences

Some of the most successful brands in the industry have understood the viability of this method. These brands have implemented it in their campaigns and have seen results. The following are examples of how these brands manage to capture their audience:


Netflix is one of the model examples of how to excel in this day and age.

They engaged their customers by creating original series that everyone wanted to see, such as House of Cards and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Because people could not get enough of these shows, they continued to stay loyal while Netflix introduced new content for them.

Another thing that Netflix has done to personalize their subscribers’ experience is by employing algorithms. These are mathematical formulas used to predict what content customers will find interesting.

Through this, Netflix ensures that their subscribers have access to quality films and shows without having them waste time searching.

Pizza Hut

This company is another successful example of how to shine using ultra-targeted marketing.

Pizza Hut’s Twitter account focuses on restaurant openings, new products, and closing deals.

They can do all of this because they know more about their customers and what they care about most. Their tweets are always on time, relevant, and concise, making them simple to understand without taking up too much space.


Google’s marketing strategies stand out by constantly engaging their existing customers. They create blog posts, video campaigns, and ads containing the most up-to-date information about their products and services. They also offer opinions on what could be changed or improved.

Google’s blog for ads, for example, is updated daily. It talks about all things related to Google and how it affects their users’ lives.

By doing this, they show that they are interested in more than just making money; that their attention and desire is to be able to change the world for the better by using technology.

The success of these top brands can be attributed to the fact that they have concentrated on their intended customer. Targeted video campaigns are becoming more and more essential for businesses attempting to be exceptional in an increasingly competitive market.

Creating small groups of people who appreciate your products or services may sound challenging. However, it is a highly successful way of distinguishing your business from the crowd. If you use the proper tools and create a solid strategy, your offerings may become a household sound in your target audience’s life.

Key Takeaway

While it has become increasingly more demanding to distinguish yourself in the market, it is doable only if you employ correct methods. With targeted video campaigns, your products or services can become staple background noise for your audience.

All you need to do is find your target customers and learn what their interests are. You can then engage them by posting content they are interested in, making it straightforward to turn them into loyal followers.

At Scenic Road, we offer targeted video production services. We create tailored videos specific to your audience to ensure that your targets are highly engaged and constantly hear about your products or services. 

Contact us today to learn more about how you can engage in highly targeted campaigns and how you can improve your visibility using targeted video advertisements.