October 21, 2019

Launching In-House Video? 4 Reasons Why That Will Hurt Your Bottom Line

Behind the scenes with Scenic Road on a recent product video shoot

Many businesses choose to produce videos in-house because it seems more cost-effective. You think to yourself: “Wow! Video is expensive! Why should we pay that much when we can just hire someone who can do it all?”  I’ll admit a hard truth to earn your trust right off the top: Producing videos with your team may put money back into your budget. I’ll give you that. However, it’s not the best option in the long-run. Businesses that are serious about seeing a real ROI in their video marketing need to hire a professional and creative video production company that will not only provide quality videos but one that will help you improve your marketing efforts. Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t opt to produce videos in-house.

1. Technical Difficulties


You may be excited to produce video content for your business, but let’s face it, you’re more than likely not a video expert. Technical difficulties are bound to arise when it comes to producing video content. Issues such as bad sound, trouble with lighting, and software crashes are more common than you think. These technical difficulties are something that businesses would have to consider if they don’t have a lot of time to focus on this portion of the business.

True, you could find that unicorn of a video producer, cinematographer, drone operator, expert gaffer/lighting technician, audio technician, editor, animator, and creative storyteller all wrapped up in one package, but that is as likely as remembering the last digit in Pi. (3.14?) The likelihood of any one person (or even two or three) having all of these skills is just very small, and your videos will show it. Which leads me to…

2. Quality Video Takes Investments


Anyone can produce a video, but to produce a quality video that drives real results takes investment. Like, “send-your-kids-to-college” levels of investment. Think oftentimes multiple six-figure investments. If your goal is to create quality video content, then you’re going to need to make a few necessary major expenditures for your business. These investments can include the (17) people you hire to help make the video happen, along with the equipment that you need to purchase to make professional videos.

Investing in equipment isn’t a one-time deal, either. Businesses will need to make recurring investments in video gear and software to stay up-to-date with current trends. A year has not gone by at Scenic Road where we have not invested in the latest and greatest video tool, whether that be a camera, new drone, gimbal, monitoring system… the list never ends.

With that said, producing videos in-house may seem like it’s saving you money in the beginning, but this can cost you in the form of major expenses that you didn’t account for initially when it’s time to upgrade. There’s no way to tell when you will need to make a new investment and a camera or editing system goes out of vogue.

3. Lost Opportunity Cost


Every day, it seems the standards for video content and visual storytelling are on the rise.  It’s tougher and tougher to grab people’s attention, and your video content can’t be just “good enough”. It has to stand out. If you’re spending money on employees without all the necessary skills or top-notch equipment, then you won’t be presenting your business professionally to your audience.

This isn’t good for your company’s brand, as your audience won’t perceive your business well. Ultimately, if you are producing low-quality video content, then this defeats the purpose of doing it at all. In fact, if you turn people away with mediocre video, you run the very real risk of them not coming back. This translates to an enormous lost opportunity for your brand.

4. It Can Be Stressful Handling the Video Process


Creating video content overall can be a stressful experience because it is more than just setting up your camera and recording. There are so many things to consider when it comes to videos, such as understanding what type of content is important to your audience, the proper lighting set-up for each video, knowing how to effectively interview and edit your videos to elicit an emotional response, and understanding the best times to post content, and on what platforms.

Sure, you can opt to create content in-house. However, understanding that it is not as simple as it may seem is key. You have to be dedicated to creating videos consistently, and if your team is not up for the challenge, this can create unnecessary stress. This can lead to rapid employee turnover as they burn out, leaving your video strategy spotty and inconsistent. Then you have to find a new endangered unicorn to run it all, and one who happens to know the camera package and editing system you bought into.

5. Video Content is a Commitment


Video content is one of the most effective and engaging content marketing strategies. In fact, 85% of all internet users watched online video content monthly in 2019. With that said, it takes consistency to get in front of your target audience and drive the best results. As a business grows, there are more goals that must be met to ensure the business remains successful.

Even if you initially set out a posting schedule, you may find it difficult to commit to it as your business becomes more demanding. If you can’t commit to a consistent schedule, not only will your audience not know when to look for your content, but they won’t remain engaged for long.

Why Hire a Production Company?


A production company is an expert at producing high-quality video content, seamlessly. They are equipped with the knowledge and the bandwidth to help you bring your brand ideas to life and drive the results you need.

Businesses that hire a production company can not only expect the best equipment, but a team of people who understand what smart, strategic video footage looks like. Often times, businesses will try to produce content themselves, resulting in low-quality videos. This is because it’s difficult to account for the important things that matter in a successful video when you don’t do this day in and day out.

However, a production company accounts for everything and pays attention to those small details that produce stellar video content. A production company will ultimately improve your marketing efforts drastically. They are joining your team so that you can focus your attention on the things you excel at.

Businesses shouldn’t have to wear every hat. In reality, that’s not an effective way to run your business. Instead, corporations should delegate roles to experts that serve to support your marketing efforts. A production team will help you run your business smarter by helping you push out content that aligns with your brand and delivering it to your audience, on the right platforms, effortlessly.

If you run a business and are currently producing your video content in-house, it’s time to make the switch and allow the professionals to deliver your content for you. If you have any questions about video content or want to know more about how we can help, contact us today.