December 23, 2021

Branded Video: The Essential Formula for a Shareable Video

man creating short form video content on in phone in the office.

Did you know that a branded video is the most effective way to increase your website traffic? But, did you also know that only 5% of brands have a video marketing strategy in place?

That’s no typo.

Despite video’s popularity, 95% of companies are missing out on this incredibly important opportunity.

You may have read guides to creating shareable branded videos that try to block out your video for you, scene-by-scene and shot-by-shot; however, the actual essential formula for creating a shareable branded video isn’t so much about the parts of the video itself but all the components that make up the video and its successful launch. 

A good, creative formula doesn’t lead to results that feel formulaic! 

Planning Your Branded Video: General Rules

The best-branded videos are fun and short form, ideally under two minutes.

Most people will not take the time to sit through a long-form video, but they WILL spend two hours watching one 15-second video after another on TikTok. (Oh the irony.)

Most branded videos are too long and boring which makes it hard to share them on social media, not only due to file size restrictions, but also because people browsing social usually aren’t on there to watch a long, in-depth video.

We all know that sharing branded content is important, but people don’t want to waste their time watching a thirty-minute video.

Instead, make sure your video is short and sweet so it’s easy to watch. Short form video is the way to go. 

You’ll be surprised how many shares you can rack up if your viewers’ interest can be piqued quickly and maintained throughout the video.

Your branded video should have an engaging narrative and be visually engaging.

There’s a lot you can do to make your video more interesting, but one of the best things to remember is that it needs an engaging narrative.

The storyline should be compelling and connect with many audiences at once to ensure that it is consumable (and shareable!) by the greatest number of people.

If people don’t have any emotional connection to what they’re watching or if it doesn’t seem like anything important is at stake, or anything entertaining is about to happen, they’re not going to click out of it before they’ve given it a chance. 

The video should also be visually interesting, which will make people want to watch more of what you have to offer.

The use of creative camera angles, like using a drone or shooting underwater, or even just some interesting lighting effects at night can make your subject feel more special, and help to break up the monotony of someone watching your video, which in turn will keep their eyes glued to your content for longer.

Include a call to action at the end of the video.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to video marketing is that the content has to be shareable, but how will people know to share it if you don’t encourage them to do so?

This is why you should always include a call-to-action at the end of your branded video – you should guide your viewers with clear, succinct direction on what the next step you’d like them to take is, whether that’s asking them to share your video on Facebook or X / Twitter, or having people enter their email addresses for a chance to win something.

Whatever the next step you’d like for your potential clients to make, it’s critical that you include an enticing Call to Action near the end of your clip to help them decide to take action. 

women working in front of computer screen with bright blue light emitting and overlays of multiple images floating through the air while working on a branded video production
Branded video production

Shooting Your Branded Video: Quality Matters

Use high-quality visuals to make your message more compelling and memorable.

The quality of your camera matters, both as a reflection of your brand and in capturing an audience’s attention.

Because video production is an investment, make sure that all aspects of video quality are taken into consideration.  Not all smartphones have the same video quality, and even if they do, different lighting conditions or distance from the subject will affect how your content looks on-screen.

Do your research and make sure that you have the appropriate gear for your content and location.   Alternatively, if you don’t want to purchase top-quality recording equipment, sound, and lighting gear, bring in a team of professionals who come with their own gear, and cross this item off your to-do list.  

Don’t forget! When you’re filming your video, props, and scenery can make or break the video you’re creating.

You don’t simply have to accept the world as it is: you can and should create and arrange things that adorn your space to make the best possible video — even if you are shooting in a natural environment or on the street.

Audio quality is often overlooked. Don’t do it. 

Getting high-quality audio that is free from echoes and background noise is an often overlooked aspect of video production.

Poor audio quality makes a video difficult to watch and more likely to be ignored by viewers.  Investing in high-quality microphones and professional mastering services is an area you don’t want to neglect if you want your branded video content to reach its pinnacle of success.

Producing quality sound doesn’t have to break your budget; there are plenty of affordable options out there that will do just as good a job as their expensive counterparts.  With the boom in podcasting and video content, high-quality affordable mics aren’t hard to locate anymore, just be sure to do your research. 

Tightening up your recorded sound ‘in post’ is what makes the difference between an amateurish-sounding video and one that seems like it was made by a team of professionals.

Can you imagine a music album being made without having a producer master its mix?

Although it helps if you have a good audio engineer who works on your production team, there are plenty of contractible mastering services that will give your video a sonic edge over the competition.

Promoting Your Video: Plan for Virality

Make sure you consider SEO and use keywords in the title, description, and captions on YouTube.

If you want your YouTube video to be a hit, make sure the title is interesting and descriptive.  It should hook the viewer wanting to watch your content. 

Do not repeat any words in the description and include keywords people might search for when looking for similar videos. If possible, add subtitles to comply with accessibility best practices, and make your content available to all. 

Subtitles are also important since many users like to watch videos on their phones with the sound off, and providing captions that at least summarize the content ensures that they can continue watching and sharing despite the video being on mute.

You should also consider adding social media links at the end of your video’s description box for easy access by viewers who want more from you on YouTube.

It will promote engagement because people will be able to comment and share their feelings about your video which increases its visibility over time.

Leverage hashtags to ensure your video is ready for its viral moment.

A great way to get your video seen is by leveraging hashtags. Hashtags can be used in three different ways on YouTube: the “Video URL” field, the annotation text box, and comment tags.

Make sure you use hashtags that have traction with people who want to see content about what you are talking about — this will make your short form video more easily discoverable — but also at least one hashtag that is unique to your brand or the video to ensure that when it goes viral there is a space for its discussion not bogged down by other users’ posts.

Add subtitles in different languages so international audiences can watch too.

The only thing better than virality is global virality. If you want your brand’s content to reach an audience beyond your borders, make sure they can understand what you are saying by including at least one other language besides English as well as pertinent hashtags that will help them find it more easily on their social media feeds.

In this way, even if someone does not speak the same language as you, but finds your content relevant to them, they can still watch it with subtitles in their native language and share it with a global audience.

Plus, platforms like YouTube index subtitles as a part of their search algorithms. By including subtitles in foreign languages, you’ll make your video more likely to appear in global search results and attract views, which will help your video rank more highly for domestic viewers as well.

Paid Promotion

Make sure you dedicate at least 10 percent to 20 percent of your total budget to paid promotion. The internet is too crowded today for you to count on people just finding your content. Good, even great, content often gets lost.

Ensure the money you spend on creating your shareable video content isn’t wasted. 

If you need help making a shareable branded video, Scenic Road can help move your idea from vision to viral.

We have the skills and experience to make your business stand out with punchy, high-quality content.

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