May 1, 2023

How Small Businesses Can Boost Profits With Video Storytelling


The Internet came first. Then the mobile experience. Now, video is THE focus. 

Video is not only taking over the Internet, it’s shaping customer behavior. (Have you watched TikTok lately?) What’s on TikTok now will be trending… now.

Small businesses need to jump on the video train. The steps a small business can take to create a video strategy even with a (relatively) small budget… (relatively because let’s face it; video is expensive).

Facebook, now Meta, CEO Mark Zuckerberg calls video a “mega trend.” The social media platform started with text. Then it added photos. Now, it’s putting more emphasis on video. Live Facebook videos go to the top of the newsfeed. Reels are a huge trend.

While video is daunting for many small businesses, even with a small investment, you can see significant returns. Video can turn a small brand into a national brand.

Creative videos sell product. Period.

Bullfrog Spas took a small budget and created a series called “The Principal.” It ended up as a finalist for the Best Content Marketing Video Series at the Content Marketing Awards.

The series has nothing to do with spas. It’s a comedy series. The Utah spa company got creative and used YouTube stars to its benefit.

At the end of the episode, the video encourages viewers to enter a contest to win a free spa. There’s a clear call to action encouraging them to enter the contest and subscribe to the channel for more chances to win the spa. More than 25,000 people viewed Episode 1. That’s a lot of eyeballs for a small business.

Contently got an inside look at the back story to the comedic video series. They talked to the online marketing manager, Jake Ricks.

“We basically begged to get a small budget approved and set aside one week to film. We didn’t want to go crazy, but we did need enough time and money to make it look good.”

Some companies believe humor is risky. However, that risk is often worth it. It can deliver huge returns even for a small business.

Creating a video content strategy

First, you’ll need to develop a video content strategy. Where is your audience, and how do they like to be communicated with? What do they care about? Create content for them, and post it where they’ll find it.

Video is most powerful when shared on social media whether its YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, or whichever social platform your target audience resides on.

Bullfrog Spas put their series up on YouTube.

It can be overwhelming for a small business to think about all the challenges of social media, so here’s some very simple advice – don’t try to be on all the channels.

Focus on one social media channel and own it.

Each one is powerful.

For example, over 70% of viewers have made a purchase after seeing a brand on YouTube.

Think people won’t watch your video? Think again.

According to HubSpot, 55-percent of people consume videos thoroughly. That’s more than any other content. Including this article, unfortunately. ☹

Once you decide on a platform, think about how your customers consume content on that channel.

For example, 60% of Instagram stories are viewed with the sound on. That doesn’t mean you must use sound. However, you probably want add interesting and fitting sound to try and get the most engagement possible.

Also, include well thought out hashtags. These will encourage social sharing. With hashtags, all mentions of your brand get grouped together. It helps your message gain traction.

Get Real

Talk about traction! And quick!

Squatty Potty started as a small business selling toilet stools. While Shark Tank helped make the brand go national, their vision began as a small business.

Their video, “This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop” has over 31 million views on YouTube.

Once again it’s another light commercial that puts a comedic spin on their product. The ad even says what everyone feels – the product is not a joke. It’s humorous and real!

With a product like a Squatty Potty, humor is necessary to grab attention. It goes on for nearly 3 minutes. Bet you didn’t realize there was that much to say about a potty stool.

That’s the point. It explains, in a funny way, how the stool works. As most people have never heard of one – never mind two reasons – to go number 2 with a stool.

The video worked. According to AdWeek, the video led to a 600-percent increase in sales.

Wouldn’t you like that for your small business?

Every video won’t go viral. So, start small and build on your success. You may be surprised how many people watch your video compared to your company’s other content.


Keep it simple

You don’t have to do a major production like the previous examples with paid talent/extensive locations/props/scripting. There’s an elegance in simplicity.

For example, Christopher Elbow is a well-known small business chocolatier in the Kansas City area.

The video – “Making of Bananas Foster” gives you behind the scenes look at how the chocolate company makes the bananas foster candy.


The video starts out with an interview of the owner and then leads to a crescendo of music and dramatic images showing the process of making the artistic chocolate.

It’s simple, yet the video still adds value to the brand. It speaks to the art form that chocolate is at Christopher Elbow Chocolates.

Video doesn’t have to be complex. Sometimes the simplest stories are the most compelling. Give your customers a reason to buy your product.

This video also works because it takes the customer on a journey, showing them the whole process of making a  piece of chocolate.

Art and Science of Storytelling

Ultimately, consider the story you want to tell. 

Art and science are important to visual storytelling. Let’s talk art first since we’re still salivating over those artistic chocolates.

Your story needs a beginning, middle, and end. A strong story structure keeps your video moving no matter the length.

How do you build that beginning, middle, and end? Look for ways to incorporate emotion and an element of surprise. Emotional stories pull at your heart, and more importantly your wallet.

As a small business, you need your marketing dollar to go far. Emotion sells. Plain and simple.

The Harvard Business Review found emotion is superior to customer satisfaction.

So, how do you do this? Use animals, real experiences, and testimonials. Your customers are your biggest fans. Tap into this resource, and share their stories.

Storytelling is also scientific. We won’t bore you with all the details. Who likes science anyway?

Here’s what you need to know. When someone sees a story, several areas of their brain fire. It’s like the 4th of July. Your mind on facts is like Columbus Day. The excitement just isn’t there.

Storytelling is the best way to sell a product, without saying “buy my product”!

Video Success

While it’s easier than ever to create a video, small businesses need to be careful about making their own video. Technology makes it easier than ever to shoot video, but you need it to match the quality of your product.

Think about the message your company wants to send. Sound, brand messaging, and storyline are all important.

There’s an art and science to storytelling, which is why a team of professionals are so incredibly important – you wouldn’t want your internist performing a heart surgery, would you?  A professional video production company focuses on both the art and science and blends them together seamlessly.

An investment in video marketing pays off for small businesses, time and time again.  So what are you waiting for?  Contact us today and learn more about how you can get your businesses video marketing initiatives off the ground.